ARGEN is comprised of a significant group of actuaries with an eye for precision and a bent for innovation.

Welcome to ARGEN, the exciting outcome of a strategic merger between Arthur Els & Associates and Genesis Actuarial Solutions. This merger brings together two mid-sized firms with complementary services to create an actuarial company of significant size and scope in the South African context, whose staff are determined to challenge the African actuarial landscape.

Through ARGEN we provide our clients with a greater depth of experience and expertise when it comes to existing offerings, as well as an array of actuarial services that were not on offer before the merger.

The new business also improves our geographical support base. With offices in South Africa and Namibia, and actuarial projects on the go in Zambia, Malawi, Botswana, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe, we are better positioned to support clients throughout Africa.

We also have experience in handling outsourced work from Europe, where we are the first non-European member of EURACS (European Actuarial Consultancy Services), Europe’s oldest network of independent actuarial and pension consultancy firms. Through this association we are able to introduce cutting-edge developments from the European marketplace that contribute to the uniquely African solutions we propose for our clients.

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