IMBASA Yegolide Award - Actuarial Firm of the Year 2018
There are many reasons why our clients use us. Chief amongst them are:
  • Our large pool of highly qualified actuaries and staff. This gives the client peace of mind, knowing that they can rely on a trusted strategic partner for high-level support across many areas of actuarial practice. Thanks to our size, we can assure clients of reliable service delivery;
  • Our size enables us to specialise, improving our ability to ensure world-class standards and reliability;
  • Our strategic partnership approach to clients allows us to fill a virtual support role, allowing clients to minimise their actuarial overheads by making many actuarial costs virtual and variable;
  • Our independence means that the spectre of bias or conflict of interest is removed from the work that we do;
  • Our track record across actuarial support functions for many of the country’s and continent’s biggest clients reduces both risk and cost;
  • Our considerable experience in Africa and knowledge of African business conditions;
  • Our ability to add value to the enterprise risk process at an actuarial level helps clients to properly identify and quantify risk, and responsibly mitigate it;
  • Our high level of professional integrity.

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